Peter F. Rovito, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Patient Testimonials
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Here's what our patients are saying...

 Testimonials are published with initials only to protect patient privacy. 

"My gastric bypass surgery was one of his first in 2002. My husband's was in 2003. My daughter's was in 2010 and my son's was 2012. Yes my whole family has had the surgery done by Dr Rovito. I would never go to anyone else to do the surgery. He has always been there for any problems, any questions. He is a great surgeon. My husband recently had a problem after 10 years; he had twisted intestines with blockages. Thank God for Dr Rovito." - TB 

"Dr. Rovito is the most awesome Dr. you will ever meet. He did my gastic bypass in 2011 and had me on food shortly after. I lost 130 pounds. He was always willing to help and was very involved with my weight loss. He CARES about his paients. Since my weight loss surgery he has also removed my gall bladder. I never had any problems because he was involved and he just doesn't dump you when your weight loss journey is over. He is a real Dr. who cares about his people. Never made me feel like a burden in any way shape or form. He even pointed me in the right direction to have extra skin removed and visited me when that surgery took place. He happened to be doing surgery on person in room next to me, lol, but still he didn't have to stop and say Hello."  - CR 

"Dr Rovito is fabulous. Treated me like I was the most important patient of the day. Eased all my fears with his great smile. I trust him with my life." - MR 

"Dr Rovito was kind enough to let me video tape my surgery. I remember watching the tape many times after and thinking" it looks like he's performing a ballet in there!"  - RK 

"Dr Rovito is my hero - he has helped me so much in so many ways. I have never known a more caring and compassionate doctor. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for what he has done for me and my family. He is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever known. He did my RNY Gastric bypass and that was the first day of my new life as a happier and healthier person. His support and genuine happiness for my success are just a few examples of what makes him so special! I agree with everything my daughter said - he is now part of our family and we will forever be grateful to him!" - CS 

"Dr Rovito was always upbeat and I still remember him taking me into surgery almost 4 hours late. I asked him if he was good to go. He replied I'm just getting in my groove. Dr Rovito is a rock star. As they rolled me in the OR I knew I picked the right surgeon based on the music playing. Dr Rovito and his surgical skill has given me a new lease on life. I had the sleeve surgery in February and I am currently down 140 lbs."  - KH

"There are not enough kind words for Dr Rovito, this man gives the word doctor a new definition. Through surgeries my husband had and my surgeries he is always on the top of his game. Following my emergency surgery, he not only called my husband who was on the other side of the country on business, but made sure he updated him all the time including in the middle of the night when my husband landed. Doctor Rovito, does not like what he does, he loves what he does and it is so evident with the care he gives. Thank you Doctor for everything."  - KC

"KUDOS!. The best surgeon in the valley !! He helped me change my life with gastric bypass . Very caring honest man & such respect for him and his staff."  - JS 

"Dr. Rovito is simply the best! He performed by RNY Gastric Bypass surgery in 2009, and has practically become part of our family! He cares so much about his patients, genuinely remembering each and every one. Because of the excellent care and follow up from "The Good Doctor," as we've come to call him, my husband and I were able to conceive and give birth to two beautiful, healthy children over the past 3 years. Because of how well things went for me, my best friend and my mom had Dr. Rovito perform their surgeries as well. We all have had tremendous success with our weight loss, and we owe it all to Dr. Rovito...he saved our lives!!" - BC 

"I have and would recommend Dr Rovito to anyone that is considering weight loss surgery or any type of surgery. I did my homework and researched surgeons before choosing Dr Rovito. In fact, my primary care doctor said there was no finer more competent doctor than Dr Rovito! He cares for his patients beyond just the surgical experience. I had the gastric sleeve and would recommend it to anyone considering weight loss surgery. If you are lucky enough to have Dr Rovito do your surgery you are in good hands."  -  AP 

"What can I say other than you are a miracle worker, Dr. Rovito... 108 pounds later and I'm a new me... The me that I always wanted to be but couldn't without your help! Call it vanity, but it feels good to have people see me for the me that I was inside instead of the one that everyone, including me, saw from the outside. You are a life saver in more ways than one." - VB 

"Amazing person in general, as well as a fantastic surgeon! Would recommend him to anyone!" - NG 

"This man changed my life if not saved it. Thank you so much you are the best dr. I have ever had the pleasure of encountering."  - GB 

"I want to thank Dr. Peter Rovito for saving my life. He is a one of a kind doctor!!! He did my weight loss and gall bladder surgery. No other doctor will do!!! I wish he could be doing the other surgery that I need done but I know I'm in good hands because he trained the doctor. They don't call him the KING for nothing!!!"  - JW 

"Fantastic surgeon and fun to talk to. Six days post op and I`m feeling great."  - RW 

"Dr. Peter Rovito is a very good surgeon, he did my surgery several years ago. I lost over 100lbs and never had any problems. He is also a terrific person who really cares about his patients. Sacred Heart is fortunate to have him on staff."  - GK